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“Beautiful Minds is an amazing place that has saved my life. I am so grateful!”

“Beautiful Minds listens.  They want to help each individual & meet them where they are at.  They offer hope through a multitude of sources.”

“Beautiful Minds brought me through darkness in wanting to see what life can truly be like with my participation.”

“Beautiful Minds is all encompassing, non judgmental and the best gift if you let them be.”

“Beautiful Minds covers diet, lifestyle, daily choice, and coping skills. It’s the most amazing and complete program I’ve ever seen!”

“This is a very, very needed place for the community with mental illness.”


Visionary, Dr. Daniel Binus and his Board of Directors began Beautiful Minds Wellness in 2017 with the mission to inspire and connect individuals from every walk of life with compassionate, whole-person mental health services, enabling healthy, life-long transformation. Beautiful Minds Wellness aims to change the paradigm around the treatment of mental illness to truly support individuals on a solid path toward mental wellness that is surrounded by love, compassion and a whole-person approach that seeks to truly understand the underlying causes for mental illness. This means we address the whole-person based on the individuals biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Beautiful Minds Wellness is moving forward with plans for building a vibrant mental health campus that offers comprehensive integrated medical, mental health, wellness services and education in the foothills of Northern California near the greater Sacramento area.

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Behind my smile is a breaking heart

Behind my laugh I’m falling apart 

Behind by eyes are tears at night

In my mind is a soul

Trying to fight and break free


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