Beautiful Minds Shares Special Evening With Auburn Community

The Auburn State Theater almost filled up as 300 plus people gathered for a An Evening of Song & Story, hosted by Beautiful Minds Wellness on November 30. Brave souls touched by mental illness shared stories of navigating the perils of depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. Their stories of learning to cope and rise above traumatic circumstances were met with palpable compassion and support from the audience. Musicians, professional and amateur, added to the special atmosphere.

David “Woody” Bartley, local mental health advocate, shared tips on how our community can support those battling with mental illness. Read more

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Beautiful Minds Wellness Connects Volunteers with Auburn Homeless Shelter

The Right Hand Auburn Shelter needed mental health and wellness services and we knew just the people to connect them with. A conversation with Weimar Institute’s coordinator of community involvement started the wheels turning.  Read more

A Young Nonprofit Takes Joy in Growing Pains

Beautiful Minds Wellness was founded by Dr. Daniel Binus to promote mental wellness in the Auburn community and beyond, and to change the way mental health treatment is provided. The board of directors and staff are excited to see momentum building in our fledgling organization. Read more

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