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Daniel Binus

Meet Dr. Binus

Dr Daniel Binus, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Binus believes in whole-person care. His goal is to understand and address the emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that influence each person’s well-being.

His desire is that all who desire healing would be able to receive quality wholistic mental health treatment and support. For this reason he founded the non-profit, Beautiful Minds Wellness to inspire individuals from all walks of life, even those with limited financial resources, to reach their optimal potential.

Dr. Binus also serves as clinical director of Beautiful Minds Medical. He provides outpatient psychiatry and oversees the Intensive Outpatient Program. He’s also on the medical staff at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, and a clinical instructor for Loma Linda University.


Dr. Binus completed his medical training and psychiatry residency at Loma Linda University, where he became fascinated by the beauty of the mind. Dr. Binus spent many hours studying the emotional, physical, spiritual, and biological factors that influence mental health. This study made him passionate about treating the cause of mental illness, and not just masking the symptoms.

Dr. Binus enjoys conducting lectures and workshops on depression and other mental health topics around the world.  Dr. Binus believes that proper mental-health education can greatly improve the lives of people and communities.


In March, 2011, Dr. Binus and his wife Melissa moved to Auburn, CA and founded Beautiful Minds Medical. Since that time, the practice has grown to include psychiatry, counseling, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy and intensive outpatient care.

Seeing the need to serve the emotional needs of the community at large, he founded a non-profit. In 2017 Beautiful Minds Wellness began operations and has provided community mental health workshops, scholarships to intensive outpatient care, and launched an online classroom.

Beautiful Minds Wellness is moving forward to fulfill Dr. Binus’ dream to build a mental health & wellness campus that would be an oasis of hope for those facing mental health challenges. Dr. Binus is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Auburn community, one beautiful mind at a time.

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