By the Editor

“About two hundred people came to the State Theatre Dec. 4, for a special event designed to encourage those struggling with mental illness,” states the Auburn Journal in an article featuring our recent community program.

“Beautiful Minds Wellness, a nonprofit that promotes mental wellness, hosted ‘An Evening of Song and Story,’ featuring personal stories and music from people whose lives have been touched by mental illness.” Read the full article here.

The Beautiful Minds Wellness staff, board, guests and volunteers were so blessed by everyone that came to and participated this special evening. The heartfelt sharing of personal struggles and the perseverance to overcome that has come to fruition through God’s help, refreshed us all.

One woman, who’s sister encouraged her to attend, shared her story with us after the event. She has been told aggressively that she needs to stay on multiple (up to 10) psychiatric medications for the rest of her life – and that she just needs to get used to it. With her family’s support she has begun to change to a plant-based diet and is seeking help to reduce her medications safely. When she heard the stories of recovery at the Song & Story event, of people who had been severely mentally ill and are now off the majority of their medications and living fulfilling and joyful lives, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She was so happy to discover Beautiful Minds Wellness is forging a path to help people just like her who are fighting against all odds to get well.

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Beautiful Minds Wellness is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to inspire and connect people from every walk of life with compassionate, cutting-edge, whole-person mental health services, enabling healthy, life-long transformation.