Revive to Thrive
Life & Health Group Coaching

An 8-week program of wellness, community and support. Get encouragement and accountability in a group setting while experienced life & health coaches from Beautiful Minds guide you through a process of moving forward to reach your goals. Examine your values, discover your purpose and create lasting habits. 

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Group Coaching

Beautiful Minds group coaching is designed to support you to define and achieve your goals, create structure in your life, and become your best self. It includes a wide spectrum of tools, education and support to help you develop life-long skills to reach your goals. The Revive to Thrive program includes weekly interactive group virtual sessions, 1-1 sessions with a Certified Life Coach, and weekly challenges. 

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Goals that matter

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3 Simple Steps to Join


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Attend 1st Session

After completing the registration form, a Certified Life Coach will contact you with more details about the program. Attend the first session (it’s on us). 


Start the Revive to Thrive group coaching journey and obtain the necessary tools you need to define and reach your goals, explore new paths, and progress towards a healthier, happier you.