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Does it ever feel like…

Someone pushed the “Pause” button on your brain? 

You know there are at least a dozen things you have to do today, but right now you feel stuck in survival mode. Anxiety kept you awake last night, and now your brain might as well be made out of oatmeal. Your heart is racing and you’re pretty sure today is ruined even though it’s barely 7:33 a.m.

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How will this Mini Series help Me ?

We get it! Life can be overwhelming and sometimes our brains just don’t keep up. But here at Beautiful Minds, we KNOW there are simple (“I can do that!”) ways to get your brain functioning optimally again. We want you to know them! That’s why we’ve created the Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Mini-Series, a one-week email series that will get your brain singing again. So you can take a deep breath, smile and start checking things off your to-do list (without having a panic attack).

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The Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Mini-Series will show you:

A Method that Works

These methods work. We’ve been teaching them in our wholistic intensive outpatient program for over eight years and have seen hundreds start the journey to mental wellness. Over 90% of our patients experience a positive response in their depression and anxiety after just three weeks.

We want YOU to be able to benefit from these principles too. You can start now by joining the complimentary mini-series and learn what simple practices make good mental health possible. 

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The mental wellness principles

When you sign up, you’ll get the Mini-Series delivered straight to your inbox over the next seven days. Our instructors will guide you through the exact steps to take to start optimizing your brain function. You’ll also get printables that will help you put into practice the things that you are learning. 

Sign-up today to get your free week of mental health optimization in your inbox.

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Join the Beta Program

Join the waiting list for the beta launch of our 8-week intensive Overcoming Anxiety and Depression program. We’re looking for 8-10 motivated individuals who are ready to conquer anxiety and depression and are willing to help us test our program.