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Project Description


Treatment Philosophy

Beautiful Minds Wellness believes in whole-person care. We believe the mind is full of infinite potential to feel, know, grieve, grow, heal and love in a way that’s unique to each individual. Traditional approaches to mental health often address the symptoms of illness without treating the underlying causes. Our goal is to understand and treat the cause. In addition to standard treatment, we believe in incorporating lifestyle principles such as nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, spiritual growth and more. These practices can help the body to detox and the brain to heal. We are passionate about empowering people to thrive – body, mind, and spirit.


The mission of Beautiful Minds Wellness is to ensure excellent whole-person mental health care is available to persons from every walk of life. We are starting a scholarship fund that will provide resources for those in need of wholistic mental health services that have run out of options. This includes outpatient psychiatry and counseling, intensive outpatient programs which meet for 15 hours each week, and wellness services. Below is our treatment philosophy. We are looking for other like minded mental health providers and facilities that would like to partner with us in providing these services. Contact us if you share our treatment philosophy. We welcome all donations to grow our scholarship fund.

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For Mental Health Professionals

If you are a mental health professional or facility that embraces our treatment philosophy and want to join us in providing whole-person care supported by our sponsorship program, please contact us.

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If You are Seeking Mental Health Treatment

To check your eligibility for a scholarship to a wholistic intensive outpatient program in the Auburn, CA area, please contact us here or call 530-217-3870. You may also fill out this online application form. Scholarships are available on a sliding scale as spaces are available. 

If you are seeking immediate mental health treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call Beautiful Minds Medical at (530) 889-8780 or check our resource page for other providers in your area.


 Sometimes potential lies dormant, like a seed waiting for spring. But with a little sunshine and rain, the seed will dare to grow – its hidden beauty brought to life.