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Project Description


Beautiful Minds Wellness envisions building a vibrant wellness campus that offers comprehensive integrated medical, mental health, wellness services and education with the goal of alleviating the suffering of those with mental illness who have run out of options yet desire healing.

Imagine a comprehensive treatment plan that includes not only quality psychiatric care, but also a weekly massage, daily walks with a supportive group, nutrition classes with a sample healthy meal at the next-door vegetarian cafe, and some hydrotherapy at the wellness center. Imagine medical, behavioral health, and other businesses with a shared lifestyle vision working synergistically to change the paradigm around the treatment of mental illness by surrounding individuals with love, compassion and providing a whole-person approach. Our goal is to make this picture an everyday occurrence.

Additional details of planned services

  • Intensive Outpatient Program that meets 15 hours/week. An integrative program that includes lifestyle principles such as  nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, and more. These habits can help the body to detox and the brain to heal.
  • Respite & Rejuvenation (R&R) Program. Serving individuals who give their lives to ministry but may need ministering to themselves due to burn-out and mental health challenges. Provide a safe place for professional treatment and restoration.
  • Global Outreach: raise awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection to mental health through online courses, webinars and summits.
  • Host inspiring community and educational events to serve the community and share the effectiveness of whole-person mental health treatments.


Beautiful Minds Wellness’ ambitious goals for programs and services will require facilities with specific capabilities and a reasonably central location.

Since Dr. Binus’ Beautiful Minds Medical practice has grown successfully in the Auburn area of Placer County, California, it is logical to find a location in the same geographic area.

An example of a potential site is a 5-acre parcel about a mile from Dr. Binus offices in Auburn. A site this size will support at least 50,000 square feet of building spaces on the site. There are similar multiple undeveloped properties in the Auburn area.


In addition, one of the strategies for ensuring the sustainability of Beautiful Minds Wellness (BMW), a non-profit organization, is to develop a campus with space for lease to compatible health care services. The market rent from these other health care services will provide income to BMW, supporting the on-going costs of its own programs and facilities.

Yes, I want to help

Beautiful Minds Wellness, is Dr. Daniel Binus’ vision for supporting a future in mental health and wellness services that addresses each individual’s unique qualities and characteristics through a whole-person approach. It is the organization’s mission to ensure that these services are accessible to all those who need them, regardless of one’s ability to pay.


Wellness Campus Partners

  • Beautiful Minds Medical
  • Physicians Offices (4)
  • Vegetarian Cafe

Potential Community Partners

  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
  • Weimar Institute
  • Placer County Mental Health


Ensuring that cutting-edge whole-person mental health services and education are available to people from every walk of life and financial situation. You can make a difference today.


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