Developing Healthy Attachments—Thursdays, February 6 to 27


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Developing Healthy Attachments is a 4-week series that covers the different types of attachment styles and disorders and teaches practical ways to navigate attachment challenges in your relationships. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS.

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Developing Healthy Attachments

Do you have difficulty connecting and bonding with others in a meaningful way? We each have developed an attachment style. Past experiences, often from our childhood, have influenced this attachment style. In this course you will learn about the different attachment styles and attachment disorders, learn some behavioral skills to help you manage them, and discover how you can develop healthy, secure attachments with your family members and friends.


When: Thursdays, February 6 to 27 

Time:  6:30 – 8:30 pm

Where: 13350 New Airport Road, Auburn, CA (in the Ceronix Building)

Cost: $75/person 

Invite a friend or family member to attend with you and receive a 30% discount! Enter coupon code ATTACH2020 at checkout. (You must have two or more orders in your cart for discount to apply.)



This workshop will be taught by Psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Binus and Relationship Expert, Staci Bartley.

Dr. Binus will present the first session of this series and will cover topics such as:

            • The different types of attachment disorders
            • What leads to attachment disorders
            • How you can create healthy, secure relationship attachments.



     Staci Bartley will present sessions 2-4. In these  sessions she will:

            • Teach behavioral skills to help you navigate attachment challenges
            • Help you understand healthy emotional boundaries
            • Share how you can change the dynamic of your relationships
            • And much more!

Questions? email or call (530) 217-3870


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