Mental Health First Aid—April 9, 2024


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Mental Health First Aid  is an interactive 8-hour course that presents an overview of mental illness and disorders in the United States. It gives you the knowledge and skills needed to provide initial help to someone who may be experiencing symptoms of  addiction or mental illness in crisis. 

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Mental Health First Aid

Imagine you could help someone with a mental health or substance use problem, even save a life!

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Perhaps you’ve noticed someone you know or care for is suffering or acting differently than they usually do… Do you have the tools to check in with them or assess if they are at risk for harm or suicide?  Would you have resources at the ready to encourage them to get the help they need?

Helping a person who is in mental health or substance use distress can be scary if we don’t know what to do. This course teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses.

Mental Health First Aid is taught by a certified instructor and is sponsored by the National Council on Behavioral Health. 

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Class Details:

When: Tuesday, April 9 from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (PST). This is an 8-hour certification course on mental health first aid for adults. Participants must attend the full course and complete all course requirements to receive their certification, which includes some online pre and post course work.

Where: Auburn Grace Community Church, 3126 Olympic Way,  Auburn, CA 95603

Cost: $59 ($25 is non-refundable)

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

*Please bring a sack lunch with you.  Snacks and water will be provided.

What you will learn:

  • Risk Factors and warning signs of mental health and addiction challenges
  • The impact and common treatments of mental health challenges
  • Skills, resources and knowledge to help an individual in crisis connect with appropriate resources
  • How to support an individual who is developing signs and symptoms of mental illness or addiction
  • 5-step action plan and how to apply it

Who should attend:

This course is appropriate for anyone 18 years and older who wants to learn how to provide initial help to someone who may be experiencing symptoms of a mental illness in crisis. 



This training will be taught by Art Madrigal, a certified  MHFA instructor.



Questions? email info@beautifulmindswellness.org or call (530) 217-3870


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