The Benefits of Myofascial Release—July 27, 2020


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Learn how the body develops restricted or blocked fascial (connective) tissue and how these restrictions affect your whole person—mind, body and spirit.

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The Benefits of Myofascial Release

Do you experience physical, emotional or mental stress? Would you like to learn how to break free from tension? In this workshop you will learn how the wholistic techniques of Myofascial Release can help you return to a pain free, peaceful and active lifestyle.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What Myofascial Release is
  • How the body develops restricted, tight or blocked areas that cause pain and distress
  • Why restrictions in one area can affect your whole being—body, mind and spirit
  • How Myofascial Release can aid in healing the mind

This workshop has an optional second session on Thursday, July 30. The second session builds on the information taught in session one and will have more live demonstrations of Myofascial Release techniques.  In the second session you will learn and practice release techniques that you can use at home. 


What: In-person workshop on “The Benefits of Myofascial Release”

When: Monday, July 27 at 6:30 pm

Where: Beautiful Minds office, 13300 New Airport Road, Auburn, CA 95602

Cost: $20 per person

Instructor: Elizabeth Steinweg, Myofascial Release Therapist and Health Educator

If you have questions about the workshop or need help registering email or call  (530) 217-3870.


Meet the Instructor: 

Elizabeth Steinweg is passionate about using natural, whole-person methods to heal the mind, body and spirit. She is a health educator and John Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist. She finds joy in helping her clients find the cause of their pain and watching them return to a peaceful and active lifestyle. Elizabeth lives with her husband in Washington State. They have two adult children.





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