The Mind, Body & Lifestyle Connection—August 30


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Learn how you can revitalize your mind, lose weight and improve your energy with live plants.

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The Mind, Body & Lifestyle Connection

Revitalize your mind, lose weight and improve your energy with live plantRaw Foods 2


Our mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. As we improve one area, the others benefit as well. In this workshop we will learn how eating live plants can benefit our whole being. Learn how incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you prevent disease, lose weight, and enhance your mental clarity.


Class Details

When: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Where: Beautiful Minds Wellness Center at 13300 New Airport Rd, suite 102, Auburn, CA

Cost: $25 per person


Ana Kramer began her plant-based eating journey back in 2005. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness rapidly grew. In 2016 her 22-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and nearly died. Seeing how devastating chemotherapy was on her sick daughter she began to intensely research natural cures and remedies. This research led her to understand and personally experience the benefits of eating more uncooked, organic fruits and vegetables. Ana says “I have experienced the power of God using plants to heal me physical as well as spiritually.” Today, Ana is studying to become a certified raw vegan lifestyle coach so she can help others experience these benefits as well.


Questions? email info@beautifulmindswellness.org or call (530) 217-3870


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