ADHD: Disempowered By Diagnosis

By David Mielke, M.S. “Mr. Mielke, I won’t be able to complete the assignment. I have ADHD.” “I don’t have to copy those notes from the board; someone needs to copy them for me.” “You can’t say ‘No’ to me; I can take the final exam in the special ed classroom.” I’ve been a high

Do Antidepressants Work?

By Robert Whitaker In late February, newspapers in the UK and elsewhere announced that a new meta-analysis published in Lancet had proven, once and for all, that “antidepressants work.” The lead author of the paper, Andrea Cipriani, and other psychiatrists from the Royal College of Psychiatry in the UK, declared that this was a definitive study, and that any debate over the drugs

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