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A traditional, relaxing massage to alleviate stress and fatigue and to improve blood circulation.

An intense, invigorating treatment to reduce tension and pain.

Massage Wellness Package
8 massage treatments (Excludes Myofascial Release).

Deep Tissue Add-On
Target specific areas of injury or pain in your massage treatment.


Hot and Cold Therapy
A series of hot and cold sessions to improve blood circulation, mood, and immune response. (60 min)

Sauna With Cold Plunge
Combine the benefits of infrared heat and cold-water therapy to reduce toxins, improve circulation, immunity and mood. (60 min)

Wet Sheet Wrap
A natural and effective treatment for detoxification, depression, anxiety and insomnia. (60-90 min)

Marine Salt Add-On
An invigorating treatment to increase nerve activity and stimulate sluggish circulation. Add it to any water treatment.

Marine Salt and Contrast Shower
An excellent introductory hydrotherapy treatment for those with anxiety or hydrophobia. (60 min)

Thermal Bath
Release stress and muscle tension with a relaxing soak in our hot tub. Enjoy the use of our hot tub and hydro shower for up to 30 min.

Infrared Sauna
Enjoy the benefits of sauna combined with a hydro shower for up to 30 min.


I have been coming to Beautiful Minds Wellness for several months. I have tried the hydrotherapy, the wet sheet wrap and had a massage. The Staff and the Treatments are Phenomenal! …By the way, I drive an hour to receive these services and it is more than worth it as my self-care and wellness has improved greatly!…Thank You Beautiful Minds!!!

Preston Photo- Prestonality