Beautiful Minds Wellness envisions changing the paradigm around the treatment of mental illness to truly support individuals on a solid path toward mental wellness that is surrounded by love, compassion and a mind-body-spirit approach. We seek to ensure that services and education are available to people from every walk of life and financial situation. Our inspiration comes from a desire to join in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

 Imagine a comprehensive treatment plan that includes not only quality psychiatric care, but also a weekly massage, daily walks with a supportive group, nutrition classes with a sample of a healthy meal at the next-door vegetarian cafe, and some hydrotherapy at the wellness center. Our goal is to make this picture an everyday occurrence. Beautiful Minds Wellness is developing a vibrant Mental Health and Wellness Campus that offers comprehensive integrated medical, mental health, wellness services and education with the goal of alleviating the suffering of those with mental illness who have run out of options yet desire healing.


When the mind is free and happy from a sense of duty well done and the satisfaction of giving happiness to others, the cheering, uplifting influence brings new life to the whole being.  –EG White