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Toxic Food, Toxic Mood: the hidden plague of glyphosate

Shama Stock, MPH, RD
Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 pm (PST)

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, the most commonly used weed-killer [herbicide] in the world. There is growing evidence that glyphosate is a major factor in several debilitating diseases. The manufacturers tell us that this substance kills weeds and leaves humans alone, but is that the truth? Find out the science behind the smokescreen and what you can do to protect the health of you and your loved ones.

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Plate and vegetables

The Power of Nutrition for Mental Health & Wellness

with Dr. Jay Sutliffe, Ph.D, RD
April 14, 2022

In this webinar we will review the current research and practical application approaches to utilize our plates for successfully strengthening and maintaining a healthy state of mind and body.

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Anxiety and Depression—Treatments That Work

With Jennifer Schwirzer, LPC, EdD 
March 8, 2022

In this webinar we review the best therapeutic approaches for the two most common mental health disorders, breaking them down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.   To many, a diagnosis of depression feels like a life sentence or a characterological failure. The truth is, in most cases depression is a solvable problem. Watch this webinar to learn simple and effective ways to treat depression and anxiety.

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Building Intimacy

Building Intimacy

With Amanda Anguish, LMFT
February 8, 2022

Do you ever feel lonely even among family and friends? Do you long to have better relationships? Did you know there is actually a scientific formula for attracting and building healthier and closer relationships? Together, we will learn what it takes to have and look for in others to build the kind of relationships that even help us live longer.

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How to Set Goals and Reach Them!

With Alix Zeline, Life Coach
January 25, 2022

How many of you are already slacking on the goals you set for 2022? You had the right intentions, but somehow missed the mark on the follow through & execution. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Tune into this webinar to break the cycle of goal breaking and learn better ways of goal making!

This webinar will cover:

  • How to be SMART about your goals
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Progression vs Perfection
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The Truth About Setting Boundaries: Common myths about setting boundaries in everyday life

With Miriam Feese, LCSW  

October 19, 2021 

How do you set healthy boundaries and still be kind and loving? In this webinar we will discuss common myths about setting boundaries, including:

  • Boundaries are selfish
  • Christian’s shouldn’t say “no” to helping anyone
  • Setting a boundary is mean and will hurt the other person
  • If I feel guilty, then setting the boundary is wrong
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Stressed Woman

How to Befriend Stress
With Dr. Daniel Binus, MD

With Dr. Daniel Binus, MD
Tuesday, September 21 at 6:00 pm (PST)

If you’re like most people your level of stress has increased in the past year. Is stress bad for us? How does this added stress affect our health, especially our mental health? What can we do to manage our stress in a healthy way? Dr. Binus will address all these questions and much more in this webinar.

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Happy Man

Emotional Intelligence: The Key Ingredient to Living Your Best Life

Join Dr. K’dee Elsen, Ph.D as she delves into the subject of Emotional Intelligence. What is Emotional Intelligence? Why is Emotional Intelligence so important? How can we improve our EQ—with a special emphasis on managing your emotions.

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blooming flower

Buried to Bloom

In this webinar Christy Christopher shares her personal struggle with depression and anxiety and how she was able to find hope again. She teaches practical ways to develop positive thoughts and to discover the joy in living again.

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Intimate Betrayal Part 2: How to cope and heal from betrayal trauma

Part two of  our series on betrayal trauma, this webinar addresses the healing process for victims of betrayal. Krystin shares the stages of recovery, tools to help in the healing process, and strategies to support someone in trauma.

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Intimate Betrayal Part 1: What is betrayal trauma and how does it harm?

Krystin Henley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, explains relational trauma and its effect on individuals and the family system, discusses the stages of recovery and shares helpful tools and resources.

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Coaching for Mental Health Recovery

Join life and health coaches Maria Porras and Steve Seay as they share practical strategies on how to find and maintain the motivation to create the life you envision today.

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Empty Table
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